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The prickly pear is a precious fruit; you need one ton of figs to obtain one litter of oil. It is a pure and organic oil. The richness of its components explains its success: it is full of vitamin E and essential fatty acids that feed and tone deeply the skin. It is well-known for the anti-ageing actions: it is stimulating cell regeneration and fighting against the free radicals. This lovely oil is also considered as the best organic elixir of youth which restores the tonicity of your skin. It is the best anti-wrinkles.

This oil is very fluid and has a light texture, it penetrates easily with only a few drops to applicate on a clean and dry face, it can be used daily by slow massage on the face, the contouring of the eyes and the neck.

A beauty ritual to apply preferably during the night, as it is as this moment the cells are regenerating without being aggressed by extern environment. To sum up, you will get a moisturizing and strength skin protected from dehydration.

The main active ingredients of the oil are coming from the seeds of prickly pear: the linoleic acid is present at 60% and it is perfect to remove the imperfections.
Vitamin E is acting as an exceptional anti-ageing thanks to its antioxidant properties; its high concentration of vitamin E is not present in other cosmetic oil. It is also high in sterols which have the power to protect the skin against free radicals. And rich in essential fatty acids which make this oil an excellent softener and skin repair to improve the moisturizing of the skin.


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